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How To…Make Microsoft Office 2011 work properly on MacBook Pro Retina display

Last week released an update for Office 2011 for Mac which at last enables support for MacBook Pro retina displays.

The problem is installing it doesn’t make the applications automatically run with high resolution graphics.

A quick web search uncovered the explanation on CNET’s website.

The issue is that the OS doesn’t know that the apps have been updated and continue to run in rubbish, blurry low resolution mode.

To fix, launch Terminal and enter touch then a space, then drag the office apps from a Finder window into Terminal and press enter

The applications Info.plist file will be updated and the apps will now open in high resolution mode.

Strangely the 14.2.4 update was originally released on 19th September, though the Office update site and download page now date it as 27th September. Yet the article detailing the fixes is dated 19th September. No idea if there was a change form the original release, but nothing seems to be mentioned.

Update: 27/01/13. Sounds obvious, but same applies to other applications. LastFM scrobbler just updated and had the same problem. touch command sorted it out.


Apple OS X Mountain Lion released…let the upgrade begin

myWPEdit Image

Apple have launched Mac OS X ‘Mountain Lion’ (i.e. 10.8) today which boasts 200 new features and further assimilates iOS into the desktop OS.

I plan to buy a Retina screen MacBook Pro when stock becomes available which will presumably have Mountain Lion preinstalled, but for a first look will upgrade my late-2008 MacBook Pro to see what the fuss is about.

I carried out some upgrades last year to extend the laptops life until the rumoured/assumed MacBook Air styled MacBook Pro launched, so hopefully everything (supported) will run ok. It has 8GB RAM and a solid state hard drive for the OS with data moved to a second hard drive which sits neatly where the CD-ROM used to be.

There’s already loads of online reviews of the new OS, though clearly a lot were written a while back and based on developer versions. Seems a bit pointless to me to comment on prerelease software but I guess it’s deemed to be more important to be part of the scramble getting something online straight after release than it is to be wholly accurate! I won’t attempt to repeat what’s available elsewhere but will blog some of my thought in the coming days.

Point 1 – is £13.99 an amazing bargain for a new OS, or in fact a cheeky charge for what amounts to not much more than a Feature Pack?


Happily a straight forward installation with no issues. Took a couple of hours to download and about 30 minutes to install. There was a pause for some reason during the download, but restarted and it picked up where it left off.

First impressions:

Shame my MacBook Pro is too old to support Airplay.

Looking at Game Center on standard screen really shows how good the New iPad Retina screen is.

Notifications look useful, but probably more so when Facebook integration is available

Updated Safari seems ok – but that was available for Lion anyway.

Notes is better as a standalone app instead of being part of Mail – much easier to sort out what’s on the Mac and what’s in iCloud.

My slightly older version of Parallels isn’t compatible, so bang goes my Windows 8 VM. Will have to load it onto a spare Toshiba laptop the kids use, or maybe on current MacBook when I replace it in a month or so.


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