Last week released an update for Office 2011 for Mac which at last enables support for MacBook Pro retina displays.

The problem is installing it doesn’t make the applications automatically run with high resolution graphics.

A quick web search uncovered the explanation on CNET’s website.

The issue is that the OS doesn’t know that the apps have been updated and continue to run in rubbish, blurry low resolution mode.

To fix, launch Terminal and enter touch then a space, then drag the office apps from a Finder window into Terminal and press enter

The applications Info.plist file will be updated and the apps will now open in high resolution mode.

Strangely the 14.2.4 update was originally released on 19th September, though the Office update site and download page now date it as 27th September. Yet the article detailing the fixes is dated 19th September. No idea if there was a change form the original release, but nothing seems to be mentioned.

Update: 27/01/13. Sounds obvious, but same applies to other applications. LastFM scrobbler just updated and had the same problem. touch command sorted it out.