Having a preconfigured AppCenter Console makes life a bit easier for the XenApp Admins but is essential if you need to provide support staff access to the XenApp farm to carry out session termination, shadowing, etc.

To avoid running through the AppCenter discover wizard each time you can create a custom MMC snap-in that already has the settings you require:

  • Log onto a XenApp server (that has AppCenter installed)
  • Run Stay at home moms vs. working moms powerpoint mmc.exe /32  (The AppCenter MMC snap-in is 32Bit – it won’t appear in the options if you try to load it into a default 64Bit mmc.exe)


MMC snap-in 1

MMC snap-in 2

  • Enable source url Skip this screen in the future

Config AppCenter discovery 1

  • Adjust components as required

Config AppCenter discovery 2

  • Add rencontres murray djokovic LOCALHOST (Means that the console will discover the XenApp farm irrespective what server it’s opened on. Needless to say it won’t work if you use it on a non-XenApp server).

Config AppCenter discovery 3

  • Enable watch Close this wizard when discovery is successful

Config AppCenter discovery 4



(File-Save will write to local profile ( %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools which you’re likely to lose at logoff if you’re not retaining user profiles).