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How To…Publish Windows Control Panel Printers option for Windows 2008 Server R2 XenApp 6.5 users

Windows Server 2008 R2 improves feature and performance for XenApp hosted users but amazingly Microsoft still don’t have a simple mechanism for locking drown the desktop for a multi-user Remote Desktop Services environment – there are a number of Group Policy settings available in the ADMX templates but there’s still way too much reliance on registry hacks and workarounds.

One backwards step from previous Windows Server versions is the move from the Control Panel Printers option to Devices and Printers.

On previous versions of the OS you could publish your XenApp users a Printers Control Panel icon using the command control.exe Printers and they’d get access to just the printers. The same command on Windows Server 2008 R2 gives them access to Devices and Printers – far more than they need and should have access to. Worse there doesn’t seem to be any easy way to lock this down removing the unwanted icons.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Devices and Printers

There is a work-around however. If you don’t want to publish the full Devices and Printers option you can use the following to provide access only printers using Windows Explorer.

Printers available from Explorer

To do this, publish a XenApp icon to the following:

%windir%explorer.exe shell:::{2227a280-3aea-1069-a2de-08002b30309d}
Additional policy settings

Assuming that you’re managing printer mapping on behalf of the users, you’ll also want to use GPO ADMX settings:

Show only specified Control Panel items‘ to control which icons are shown and ‘Prevent addition of printers‘ to remove the ‘Add a printer‘ open from the Printers window.

I’d recommend also using ‘Always open All Control Panel Items when opening Control Panel’ as well so keep it simple.

And of course, don’t forget the usual XenApp policies you’ll want to configure to control Client Printer Mapping and what drivers to use.


XenApp 6.5 Configuration Logging database and reports have finally been improved

Why won’t Windows Explorer launch from my Citrix Xenapp 6.5 farm?

CTX128009 – basically XenApp’s default time out period is too short for Explorer to get up and running, and because of this the session is ended before it even began.

The cause is because Explorer is integrated with the Windows Shell. (No idea why this would make it slow to logon, or indeed why it’s not something Citrix can address – either themselves or with Microsoft).

It doesn’t make sense to me that the default time out is stated as one minute – as the apps are launching much quicker than that, but I can confirm that the preferred fix works fine. Simply extend the time out by adding the following registry keys to your XenApp server:

Name: ApplicationLaunchWaitTimeoutMS
Data: 10000

Note: You can put whatever you like for the data value (in milliseconds) but the minimum setting is 10000 – and that works fine

Value Name: LogoffCheckerStartupDelayInSeconds
Value: 10 (Hex)

Value: An integer for the length of time to wait for application start (10 Hexadecimal recommended)
Note: Setting this value also increases the time it takes for a user to log off of the server by the same amount.


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