SharePoint Tips…Extending number of Promoted Links tiles shown

SharePoint Tips…Extending number of Promoted Links tiles shown

The default ‘out of the box’ behaviour of the SharePoint 2013 Promoted Links Web Part will limit the number of tiles on screen effectively hiding the full list and causing the user to have to scroll to see all items.

Creating Promoted Links tiles_1

See SharePoint Tips…Creating Promoted Links tiles for a summary of how to create home page Promoted Links

There are a few options to manage this using Java script, but an easy way is to simply add a small bit of code to the web page.

On the page where the Promoted Links Web Part is placed add a new HTML form Web Part and insert code as described below.

Add Web Part

  • From the site home page, click EDIT
  • Select the page zone and from the ribbon INSERT menu click Web Part
  • From the Forms category select HTML Form Web Part click Add

Extending number of Promoted Links tiles shown_2

  • Edit the new Web Part

Extending number of Promoted Links tiles shown_3

  • Open Source Editor and enter the following
<!– display rows of tiles. 'width' = required number of tiles - each tile is 175px –>
.ms-promlink-body { width: 700px; }
  • Click OK to save the Web Part, then click Save to close the page editor

This will limit the web part size to 700 pixels thereby forcing the tiles to wrap after a row of four.

Extending number of Promoted Links tiles shown_4

Adjust the 700px value as appropriate to wrap as needed.

Note: the tile size is 175px so use multiples of 175

Also see

  • SharePoint Javascripts blog provides a customisable alternative which enables you to size and order is available here
  • Life in SharePoint blog has a Web Part for creating Promoted Links, (with some extra functionality), in SharePoint 2010. I haven’t tried it but assuming it works ok it looks good. Find more info here



  1. Kasey

    There is a solution that was built using SPJS-Tiles as a foundation (with approval from Alex) that provides a GUI for tile customization. It also provides extra features like executing javascript on click and sub tiles. Its worth a look…

    • Jason

      Hi Kasey.
      Thanks for the info.
      I remember finding and testing ‘nsptiles’ a the time – it worked well and was very flexible. If I recall, the only issue I had was getting the images to display properly so I didn’t test it further and went with the simple approach outlined above.

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