With SharePoint 2013 Microsoft introduced the Promoted Links App which allows you to easily create and maintain Windows 8/10 a-like Modern GUI ‘Metro’ style tiles on your page.

Creating Promoted Links tiles_1

The Promoted Links app is made up of a List containing Name, URL, Description and path to an image file, and an associated Web Part to display on the page.

To use, create a new Promoted Links app, add some entries then add the related Web Part into a page to view.

Create App/List

  • From the site home page, click on the settings ‘cog’ icon and select Add an app
  • Select Promoted Links, name it as required and click Create

Creating Promoted Links tiles_2

Creating Promoted Links tiles_3

  • From Site Contents page open your new List

Creating Promoted Links tiles_4

  • Add items to the list via the ribbons ITEMS menu or click on the link to All Promoted Links view and edit there (in browser or spreadsheet view).
  • New items will contain a Title, Background image location, Description, linked URL, Launch Behaviour and order

Creating Promoted Links tiles_5

Note: you can use image files from any valid URL. The example above uses the sites Site Assets library so images are accessible to the parent site as well as all sub sites.

Add Web Part

When you have all tile entries created add the Promoted Links Web Part

  • From the site home page, click EDIT

Creating Promoted Links tiles_6

  • Select the page zone and from the ribbon INSERT menu click Web Part
  • From the Apps category select your Promoted Links list and click Add

Creating Promoted Links tiles_7

  • If you don’t want the List title to appear on the page, edit the Web Part and under Appearance options, set Chrome Type to None
  • Then click Save to close page editing

To make edits you need to edit the List using the All Promoted Links view – selectable from the Ribbon LIST menu.

Note: Default ‘Out of the box’ SharePoint behaviour will not wrap the tiles in the display, so as shown above if your browser window is narrow you won’t see many tiles without having to scroll the Web Part to view.

See SharePoint Tips…Extending number of Promoted Links tiles shown on how to customise this behaviour.