6 months pass in a flash and I’ve finished with the London contract at Worldpay.Worldpay logo

Worldpay is a modern company who’ve been implementing an excellent End User Computing, (‘EUC’), platform based on Citrix Xen products along with AppSense. Their senior management team take the time every week to meet with staff and provide updates and take questions, and from what I can see there seems to be good staff morale and motivation.

I was fortunate to work with a great team all of which were very knowledgeable in their areas and I hope that our paths will cross again in the future.

On the technology side, it was good to continue to spend time fully focused on AppSense and application personalisation, as well as the opportunity to learn Remedy for Incident and Change Management.

The was a massive ongoing amount of Change which introduces it’s own challenges when planning across Pre-Production, UAT and Production environments. Also successfully carried out a full upgrade to DesktopNow which went well with no user impact at all.


Abellio Greater Anglia doesn’t seem to run the most efficient train service between Norwich and London, so coupled with my dislike of early mornings it made sense to stay in the city. I didn’t want to waste time on long cross-city commutes using the underground, so found a couple of hotels within walking distance of the office in Whitechapel, which while pricey if booked last minute, where acceptable if booked early when occupancy was low.
Qbic London
advertises a bargain £59 per night, though that’s only actually available if you book a few weeks in advance. It’s a clean modern hotel which is perfectly fine for a few nights a week.

City Hotel Aldgate is a bit rough and ready, (and frequently noisy when overseas students are staying!), but prices escalate alarmingly when you don’t book up far enough in advance.

The best option I found by far was to stay at nearby managed apartments – SHQ Apartments. Much better than using a hotel with more of a home from home alternative.

All in all a good learning experience and a nice change to travel into London for a different perspective. (Though at the end of the day, all companies are generally pretty similar since you’ll probably be working as part of a small team, and an office is just an office).

Next for me is a bit of a break and I’ll then start to have a look around. After working away from home since last October have fingers crossed something will be available that’s a bit more local and within range for a daily commute.