Exciting European GP

The week started with an unexpectedly exciting European Grand Prix at Valencia with Alonso picking up the victory after Vettel had car problems while seemingly heading into the distance for an easy win. Lewis Hamilton was unlucky to be punted into the barrier with a couple of laps to go after attempting to defend his position with tyres that clearly gave him no traction. A race I confidently told my Father-In-Law would be boring as always turned out to be on the edge of your seat stuff from flag to flag.

England crash out of Euro 2012

Later in the week after amazingly topping their Euro 2012 group, England put in a hugely defensive performance only to be beaten by Italy on penalties. A dull 0-0 result after extra time, it was a typically gritty but uninspiring performance from a Hodgson managed team but not what I hope will be typical of England in the years to come. Again England showed themselves to be a poor team with no pace, no touch and worse still, no ambition.

Though they were always in the match, it was more of a case of England holding on that carrying any sort of threat to the Italians. If England had won the shootout, it would have been the wrong result.

The stats speak for themselves:

One silver lining on the cloud – it was pretty much expected. So unlike after the desperate performance of World Cup 2010 against Germany and the disappointment that caused, this time there was little to make us believe that England could do much in the tournament. Getting out of the group was a result in itself.

Can only hope that finally a lot of the old guard are dropped in favour of a bit of youthful pace and style. It would be nice to see future England squads built around the likes of Hart, Jagielka, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Welbeck. I think the likes of Terry, Gerrard, Young, Rooney and co. have had their chance and failed to perform time and again.

Italy went on to comfortably beat Germany – not something that I expected because I had a hunch that Germany would be the ones to upset Spain.

Wimbledon starts

Euro 2012 is almost over but Wimbledon is underway. All the Brits crash out pretty quickly, though so far so good for Any Murray who’s into week two again. And the really good news for him is that Nadal suffered a shock default so is no longer in between him and the final next Sunday. Though I suspect Tsoga will be a tough opponent.

Working from home

I decided to dodge some traffic problems around the office this week and work from home.

I like working from home – it tends to be easier to get your head down to start and finish tasks that can often get interrupted when working in the busy office environment. On the downside you do feel removed from the hustle and bustle of things and don’t get a good feel of what’s going on in the office.

It’s also nice to have the radio playing in the background, however I do have to fight the urge for tea and snack breaks. As bad as it is working at a desk all day with no exercise it’s ten times worse on your health and fitness if you back that up with too many tea breaks and treats!

Progress with the XenApp 6.5 Proof of Concept

Good news is that I was able to fully focus on troubleshooting the cause of some major performance issues effecting our Windows 2008 R2 proof of concept environment. It’s been frustratingly difficult to identify what’s been going on. For some reason some accounts experience a logon of over 5 minutes, where others log in immediately as you’d expect. There had appeared to be no explanation for this and strangely the problem disappeared if XenApp 6.5 was installed. I’ve finally been able to determine that only certain administrative accounts (mine included), are effected when their AD roaming profile is stored on certain Windows 2003 Server file servers. The problem isn’t the file server as other administrators are unaffected, rather the permissions delegated to certain accounts. Investigations continue…

Windows 8

I’ve installed the Windows 8 Release Preview on Parallels this week for a bit of a play. I installed an earlier release on an old laptop a few months ago and though it looks and feels the same, it didn’t seem so jarring this time.

Not sure how easily it’s going to transfer to the corporate desktop let alone how the Metro desktop style will transfer into the next version of Remote Desktops Service in Windows Server 2012.